Welcome to Lynne Dorner's Photo Gallery!

Welcome to Lynne Dorner’s Photo Gallery.  Pictures are from the Author’s events, book signings and speaking events. Lynne is the author of 101+ Secrets from Nutrition School | That you Need to Know.

The book has received significant recognition and many book awards after coming out on Amazon’s Hot New Release and Best Selling book sections for numerous Health, Nutrition, Wellness and Self-help categories.

Please feel free to submit photos of her events or her events to media@nutritionschoolsecrets.com

Thanks for your patience as we get more photos added to the Gallery!

The photo gallery features photos from:

  • The Book Launch at Integrative Nutrition Fall Live Conference.
  • The Whole Foods Author Event.
  • Self-Improvement Authors Group.
  • Photoshoots for Clean Eating Programs – Lynne is the Founder
  • Photos with many of her colleagues, mentors and instructors.
  • Cooking classes
  • Photos of the Awards and Award Ceremonies
  • Live speaking engagements
  • Workshops
  • The New York City Book Expo America
  • Book signings
  • Author Event at Lyfe kitchen